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Tangled In Strings

Tangled In Strings

It is my belief that everything is connected. And that from everything and everybody a line is drawn... A connection is made. What we put out into the universe comes back to us through the connections we make. I see my music as my connections to the cosmic energy that connects all of us....
"Strings on my guitar are like strings across the universe"

Tangled in strings is a collection of acoustic songs. Recorded at The Tonic Room Studios, This CD is my first professionally produced and mastered effort. I am very proud of my work on this CD.

Tangled in Strings

  1. Darkness Within
  2. Disconnected
  3. Falling on Hard Times
  4. Wicked Karma
  5. I Have a Song to Sing
  6. Tangled in Strings
  7. Back to the Beginning
  8. Another day Another Night
  9. The Invisible Man
  10. Fireflies on a Wire
  11. Ronnie: Tangled in Strings

Review from
Acoustic music, in nature, is quite mellow- at least that's what most musicians will have you believe. But I can honestly say, that Ronnie is no campfire musician, no cafe singer/ songwriter. Ronnie's album Tangled In Strings is a heavy album, acoustic be damned. The warmth of the guitar playing, the powerful vocals, the beautiful harmonies, the dark overtones- Ronnie shows his heart and his soul all over this album. While the album feels very much like an acoustic power-folk album (I may have made that genre up- but believe me it fits here!), Tangled In Strings could be the acoustic doppleganger of some pretty heavy 70's metal. Each song is finely crafted, showing off Ronnie's talents of both singing and guitar playing. As a vocalist, Ronnie has a very powerful voice that booms far above the music, all the while creating harmonies that are held long enough to give an epic feel to the music. Because that is truly what this music is in a nutshell that makes it so similar to 70's metal- it is truly epic in nature. The melodies, the heavy strumming of the acoustic guitars only to climax with an even heavier guitar solo, and of course the big harmonies that extend further than the chorus - they are all components of an epic song. And the lyrical direction of songs like ' I have A Song To Sing' just fuel the 'epic song' fire, giving a visual tapestry that the song is about a quest of sorts- a commonly used metaphor in Metal (and even more-so by the ever popular Tenacious D). But what makes this album so great is that it never becomes cliche- not even close. This is largely due to the music itself, which never sticks to a consistent formula. The first track on the album, entitled Another Day Another Night has an eerie feel to it, similar to something out of a Pink Floyd album, while 'Falling On Hard Times', an country ballad of sorts, takes the listener through a time of turmoil. And then of course, tracks such as 'Darkness Within' and 'The Invisible Man' feel as though they were taken straight out of the 70's Metal bible. But even with all of these different changes in musical styles, the overall 'epic-ness' of the album remains consistent- but that is Ronnie. That is what he seems to bring to these songs. His writing style, in and of itself is quite epic, and Tangled In Strings is a better album because of it.