Idaho Matters Presents: Songs of Idaho Vol. 1

Idaho Matters

Songs of Idaho

Various Artists: Idaho Matters Presents: Songs of Idaho Vol. 1

Songs of Idaho.
Idaho Matters "Songs of Idaho" Vol. 1 is a collaboration for conservation through the use of music. This is a compilation CD to support the Idaho Wildlife Federation. Each song was donated by musicians from the great State of Idaho.

I a proud to be a part of this collaborative effort. Please Visit Idaho Matters Website

  • Equaleyes                                      "Idaho (Where I am From)"
  • Audio Moonshine                           "Slow Motion"
  • Angela Marie Project                      "Tears of Wowness"
  • Dan Costello                                   "Stanley"
  • Rico Weisman                                 "End of the Game"
  • Mel Wade                                       "The Penny Song"
  • Thomas Paul                                   "Benjamin Mix"
  • Ronnie Marler                                  "Back to the Beginning"
  • Erin and Her Cello                           "At the Zoo"
  • Lee Mitchell                                     "Sun Day"
  • Don Cunningham                             "Dix Neuf"
  • The Fabulous Chancellors               "Celebrate Idaho"
  • Crooked River                                  "George and Moses"
  • Jaz Fagan                                        "Of this Land"
  • Rick Delyea                                       "Cirrus"