Ronnie Records Presents The (Demo) EP

Acousticats Demo EP


We wanted to create a CD that we could give to venues as a realistic sample of what we sound like, without all the post production and multiple tracking tecniques that can be deployed in the studio. This CD is what the Acousticats Sound like live.
All recordings are "All at once" Recordings. That is, we set up the microphones hit record and played the song.

Recorded live at The Corona Studios in Boise Idaho, this EP is Acoustic Pop Folk with a twist of lime.

  1. Long Ride Home (Patty Griffin)
  2. All Apologies (Nirvana)
  3. Grey Skies (Acousticats)
  4. Blue Light (Mazzy Star)
  5. Old Man (Neil young)
  6. Satisfied Mind (Joe "Red" Hayes and Jack Rhodes)
  7. Weight Of Lies (The Avett Brothers)